Jon Hollingdale

Chief Executive Officer

Jon is responsible for the promotion and representation of the community woodland sector, providing forestry and governance advice to member groups across Scotland and managing the organisation. Formerly a harvesting contractor in the south of England, he’s worked with and for Scottish community woodland groups for over 20 years. In his spare time he’s a keen and occasionally competent orienteer.

Contact: jon@communitywoods.org | 01309 674004

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Chris Marsh

Woodland Project Manager

Chris manages our LEADER-funded “Multi-trails” transnational cooperation project demonstrating and sharing good practice and innovation in the construction, management and promotion of mixed-use trails; he also runs our Argyll and Central Scotland networks and provides specialist forestry advice and support to community woodland groups.

Chris lives in south Skye where he was Community Forester for Sleat Community Trust, having previously worked as Conservation Forester for the Forestry Commission’s local Forest District – primarily overseeing a large oakwood restoration project but also a broad range of wildlife and environmental duties over a ten year period.

Contact: chris@communitywoods.org | 01471 855315

Banner Image: Teddy Bears’ picnic at Dunnet

Photo credit: Dunnet Forestry Trust